San Antonio Spurs are the other great team in the West

November 8th, 2019 NBA Basketball

The power of experience for the Spurs is a real interesting a wonderful contrast to the Golden State Warriors meteoric rise. NBA betting experts and other sports commentators consider this team to be the only obstacle in the Warriors way to the World Championship. And if its any indication, their past encounter in San Antonio, the Spurs handed the Warriors one of their few losses this season. Both teams are in route to an epic, potential all-time classic encounter in the Western Conference finals.

The Spurs are a no nonsense mentality team, win a winning mentality. Lead by perhaps the best NBA coach of all time (yes, I said it) in Greg Popovich, this team is concerned only with winning championships. They don’t care about records, showing off or being fancy, they are a team that arrives, warms up, wins and leaves… on to the next one. Beyond the (deserved) attention that the Warriors are getting there is another team having a historic season behind them.

Teams like the Spurs are a sports betting fan’s best friend. They practically always deliver. Much like the New England Patriots, San Antonio dedicated the organization on building not a good team to reach the Finals, they constructed a dynasty that will be remembered for years to come.

With the season winding down, the Spurs have tied the Bulls all time NBA record of start at home of 38-0 and they could be very well on their way of having a perfect record. Their final 3 games at home are the Raptors, Warriors(!), and OKC Thunder. But, considering that they are only focused on winning a championship they could have their starters rest out some games to have them ready for the Playoffs.

And in the Playoffs, that’s when the Spurs become menacing. The Golden State Warriors, won the NBA tittle last year, but this year the road to the Final will be tougher than they can imagine. They could be facing perhaps the best version of the San Antonio Spurs, in a playoff series that could set NBA betting sites and offshore gambling sites ablaze. Just imagining the possibility makes sports betting fans tingle with excitement.

Can the Spurs beat the Warriors? Yes. Can the Spurs eliminate the Warriors in the playoffs? Absolutely. They will not enter the playoffs as the favorites, but betting on San Antonio could bring you a hefty payday, in case the Warriors get complacent.

Here lies what can be the main difference between both teams. The Warriors are a phenomenal team, with a superstar player that has been unbelievable… in the regular season. The Spurs are a experienced, seasoned team, that keeps getting better with time and that thrives in the playoffs. NBA betting fans need to keep in mind that by no means should the Spurs be counted out or slept on. They are playing a historical season, unfortunately for them luck would have it that another team in the Conference is doing the same thing.

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