Sacramento Kings Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting was a fiasco last season if you happen to lay money on the Sacramento Kings.

They basically came out to be the worst franchise in the NBA and many wonder if the 2009-2010 basketball betting season will hold a better future for this team. One thing is for sure though. This year will not be a playoff year for them. This NBA betting season will be one of fixing and getting a team, which can actually win, back together.

Basketball betting odds will not favor the Sacramento Kings this season unless they really work at it. Their roster is a very young one, so there are still many players that are not in playoff seeking shape. It’s still a basketball betting mystery if Tyreke Evans, their new rookie, can actually be a good point guard. True, the kid can play. Nevertheless, he has a lot to prove if he wants to have that NBA betting popularity all players get when they are very good and do good things for their team. Other faces that will be seen this basketball betting season with the Sacramento Kings will be Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes. NBA betting specialists believe they will never get to be great players. There are also a lot of expectations on Kevin Martin playing for what his money is worth.

Basketball betting statistics show that the Sacramento Kings has 12 players that are under contract today and four of these are 21 or younger. This youth issue might kick in as a good basketball betting trend. This is because young players tend to have a basketball betting mentality of “you can’t beat me” on the court and this allows them to have more energy when they play. Thanks to these young fellows the Sacramento Kings might be fun to watch this basketball betting season. They will have the energy, the excitement and they will hustle for the hoop.

At the same time that youth might be an advantage for this team, the lack of experience these players have will definitely be big basketball betting weakness. If we happen to take out the overall experience that this team has we would average about 3 years max. This in the NBA won’t be enough. This will not be a basketball betting key to win games. Hopefully, last year was full of lessons learned and this NBA betting season the Sacramento Kings will fix all the mistakes. Regardless of how much fixing they do though, to grow in the NBA requires a trip through a long a tough road and they are definitely away from that. They have just started to walk down that road.

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