Raptors tie series, Jurassic Park to remain open

October 28th, 2019 NBA Basketball

The possibility for an online betting upset came into fruition last night as the Toronto Raptors wagged their fingers (literally!) at the Cavaliers and said: “Not in our house”. This means that the series is going to six games at least and that Jurassic Park will remain open for business for said crucial game at Toronto. DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry combined for 67 points, and pretty much demonstrated that they are up to the challenge and are not going to let Cleveland walk into the NBA Finals so easily.

But as Game 4 will move to Cleveland the Cavaliers are coming home and for the first time in the post season, they are feeling the pressure. But despite this, they are opening up the sports betting line as the double-digit favorites:

Raptors          +10½ (-110)            ML: +575

Cavaliers        -10½ (-110) ML: -850

O/U                199 (-110)

At home the Cavaliers still have not lost a game at home since the last game of the regular season against the Detroit Pistons. In that game the Cavs rested all their starters. Another stat worth mentioning is that the Raptors have not yet won a game all season at Q Arena at Cleveland. The Cavaliers deserve their online betting favoritism, even though they have been very inconsistent in their last two games. And even so, on game 4 the Cavaliers nearly stole a win with a sudden burst of offense in the fourth quarter that was held off by the Raptors. It was too little, too late.

Can the Raptors win game 5? There is no real reason that this could be impossible for them. They are the underdogs, but it doesn’t feel like they are going to get steamrolled anymore.  They have the talent on the front line of Lowry and DeRozan, and on the backcourt they have Bismack Biyombo looking like a Dikembe 2.0, blocking and rebounding in dominating fashion, and let’s not forget their secret weapon: Drake’s Instagram (’bout to get Fry, no Channing.) All jokes aside, the Raptors have the capability of pulling an online betting upset.

The Cavaliers, know that if they struggled so badly north of the border versus the Raptors, they are not allowed to drop game 5 at home. They are going to come out firing off the gate. Toronto will have no choice but to try to keep it up. So we can expect for the over to be once again the easy bet. Unless something really strange and  out of the blue happens and either or both team has an off night.

This next game will be a showcase of LeBron James domination. The Cavaliers are strong favorites because they have been unbeatable at home during the post season, and they will result to their safe haven to continue their path for the NBA Finals. Online betting fans can expect them to take this win convincingly, and march to game 6 straight to Jurassic Park. We are calling it right now: This series is going to seven games.

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