Profitable Situations in Playoff NBA Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting in the NBA playoffs can be profitable, but you must realize that situations are very important.

You also must remember that you can’t just handicap the NBA Playoffs like you did in the regular season.  Basketball betting in the playoffs is different but it can be just as profitable.

NBA betting in the playoffs involves looking at different factors, especially the game situations. There are always going to be situations where a team is facing a must-win game in the playoffs.  It could come as early as game two of a series or it could be later in the series when a team is down three games to two. It is these situations that give you a chance to win money. And they happen throughout the NBA Playoffs since there are always must-win games.

The NBA Playoffs are different than the regular season because teams are playing each other over and over again on a regular basis in a series. You should realize that adjustments are going to be made by each team during a series. What happened in the first game may not be what happens in game two of the series. Coaches and teams make adjustments and the results can change. If you are going to profit from basketball betting in the NBA playoffs you need to be aware of the team that is making the adjustments.

In the playoffs you can also have mismatches. Sometimes a team can’t handle a certain player and it continues throughout the series.  When that happens you can’t expect a team to bounce back because they don’t have an answer to a particular player.  It might be that a team can’t stop LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.  You have to be very careful about backing the underdog in basketball betting if they are having severe matchup problems.  Basketball is a very fundamental game and when a team can’t find a solution to stopping a particular player it makes it harder for them to win.  That doesn’t mean they can’t win though.  They just have to adjust in other ways.

As you handicap the playoffs in NBA betting you can look at trends but they don’t mean a whole lot.  This is the playoffs and things are different than during the regular season.  The situations can override the trends when it comes to the NBA Playoffs.

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