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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA Finals odds value is usually found by betting against the home team.

The last time the Lakers and Celtics met in NBA Finals betting was over 20 years ago and it seems like very few NBA Finals odds since then have generated a lot of interest. Television ratings on ABC will be superb for this year’s matchup and NBA Finals odds will get a lot of attention.

NBA Finals odds are always more popular when the Los Angeles Lakers are involved. Television ratings are also more popular. Add in the fact that the Lakers and Celtics have an age-old rivalry, and NBA Finals betting popularity will go through the roof. In NBA Finals betting history there has never been a more popular matchup than the Lakers versus the Celtics. They have faced each other 10 times in NBA Finals odds with Boston winning 8 of the 10.

The first time they played in NBA Finals odds action was in 1958-59 when Boston beat the Minneapolis Lakers in four straight games. The next six times the Celtics also won as those series were played in the 1960’s. The last three times the teams have met in NBA Finals odds action came in the 1980’s. The Celtics won the first meeting but the Lakers won the last two in NBA Finals odds. The last time was in 1987 and the popularity for those NBA Finals odds was huge.

NBA Finals odds show that Los Angeles is the favorite to win the 2008 Finals even though they do not have the home court edge. The format is different in NBA Finals betting though. Instead of the 2-2-1-1-1 that happens in every other series, the Finals are 2-3-2. That means the Lakers get three straight home games in the middle of the series.

The Lakers are unbeaten at home in the playoffs and if they get a split in Boston they could win the series in five games. The Celtics had the best record in the NBA this season but they are not getting much respect from the NBA Finals odds makers. Getting +170 on the best team in the NBA with home court advantage would seem to be attractive but that has not been the case. Most bettors believe the Lakers are the better team and will win the series.

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