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October 9th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting has popular teams that gamblers like to bet. You need to remember that certain teams, particularly in NBA betting attract a lot of attention. This means these teams will be poor values for the most part in basketball betting.

Basketball betting has a number of popular teams. For example, there is no more popular NBA betting team than the Los Angeles Lakers. Yet the Lakers, particularly during their hey-day and championship run, were one of the worst values on the basketball betting board, especially when they were playing at home. The Lakers were so good at home they actually became bad, at least from a basketball betting perspective, as the masses that got involved in NBA betting would immediately flock to them, without regard to actual board value and the merit of the play. The Lakers are the number one marquee team in NBA betting but they are not the only one. Recently the Boston Celtics have reestablished themselves as NBA powers and they get a lot of attention in basketball betting. Other teams like Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio and even Houston can attract a lot of basketball betting attention.

What you must remember about NBA basketball betting is that teams can win straight up and not cover the spread. A team like Charlotte might not get much attention in basketball betting, yet they hold their own against the basketball betting pointspread. They might actually be a better value than a team like the Lakers in basketball betting. Just because a team is full of superstars and wins a lot of games do not mean the team will make you any money in NBA betting.

Gamblers that get involved in basketball betting tend to gravitate towards name brand teams when wagering on the NBA, and they bet on a straight up rather than pointspread basis, with no regard to value. That is not the way to make money as marquee teams rarely offer you any value. Teams like the Lakers and Celtics will still win their share of games but rarely are they moneymakers in terms of NBA gambling.

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