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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals betting who held any faith in the Detroit Pistons last season were sorely disappointed when it came time to bet on the NBA finals last season

During the regular season and even through the first part of the playoffs it looked absolutely certain that the Pistons would be featured in the NBA finals betting. But that was not the case and this year Detroit has been doing everything in its power to make sure that it will be featured in the NBA finals betting this season.

NBA finals betting experts are highly impressed with the Pistons play this season. The team’s record is second best in the Eastern Conference and fans looking to bet on the NBA finals have taken notice. In the second half of the season this team has been as solid as any and quietly established itself as an NBA finals betting contender.

Many NBA finals betting experts didn’t expect to see Detroit back in contention after last year’s disappointing result. After all, this is a team many people thought were over the hill last year and weren’t likely to make a bet on the NBA finals on their behalf. But much has changed since last season and those changes have helped to propel the team on its way to a possible NBA finals betting birth. Last year the team did seem over the hill and it showed when it was unable to keep up with the youthful LeBron James and his Cavs as the youngsters rolled all the way to the NBA finals betting.

This year, the team shed some age when it declined to resign the aging Chris Webber, a key piece the team’s run at the NBA finals betting last season. Webber has been replaced by the much younger Jason Maxiel who has been a beast this season and a major reason why the Pistons are likely to receive nods from the people that bet on NBA finals. Another key piece that’s been added this year is the athletic Rodney Stuckey. Just a rookie Stuckey has made a major impact when healthy and will allow Detroit to rest its aging back court in the run up the NBA finals betting.

With the combination of players it has right now, Detroit has as good a chance any other team in the NBA finals betting odds.

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