Picking Winners vs. NBA Playoffs Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA Playoffs odds winners can be found but you must look at different factors like must win situations, game by game adjustments, past playoff history, mismatches, and NBA playoffs betting trends.

If you think you are going to pick winners versus the NBA Playoffs odds using the same handicapping methods that you used during the regular season you are in for a rude awakening.

NBA Playoffs odds picks have to be made taking adjustments into consideration. What happened in the first game of a series may not be what happens in game two or later games.  Coaches and teams make adjustments to what happens in the first game and learn from it.  If you are going to profit from NBA Playoffs betting it will help you to be aware of which team is making better adjustments during the series.  The NBA Playoffs are unlike the regular season because teams play each other time after time in either a five game or a seven game series.  The team that makes the better adjustments oftentimes will win the NBA Playoffs betting series.

Another thing to remember as you handicap NBA Playoffs odds is that sometime you will have a team that just doesn’t matchup well against another team. This happens more in the early rounds of NBA Playoffs odds than in the later rounds, but it does happen.  There are just matchups in the game that one team can’t find any answer for and it is in these situations that you can’t take the team that is overmatched no matter how high the NBA Playoffs odds.  It could be that a team just can’t stop Kobe Bryant or LeBron James and they get routed.  When you see mismatches you need to be very aware as you wager against the NBA Playoffs odds.

When you wager against the NBA Playoffs odds you will have past trends to consider but they are not that important. What has happened in the past is interesting to look at in terms of NBA Playoffs odds but it really doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Keep in mind as you bet NBA Playoffs odds that must win situations will occur, teams will make adjustments throughout the series and their will be mismatches in NBA Playoffs betting.  Make sure you are aware of these factors as you pick games versus the NBA Playoffs odds.

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