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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs odds makers are just about to begin working overtime. After a year off and 82 regular season games down the hatch the NBA Playoffs are now just around the corner.

Always the most exciting time of the year basketball fans this year the NBA playoffs odds and NBA playoffs betting could be some of the most exciting in years.

NBA playoffs action is a time of year when the action, drama, and intensity is riveted up a notch or two and only the best of the best survive. Since the playoffs format was expanded to include seven-game series in the first round of the NBA playoffs odds action lower seeds have been given a more equitable shot at reaching the second round and the NBA playoffs betting has been greatly improved as a result.

With 16 teams making the final cut for the NBA playoffs schedule it can be very difficult to try and pick the ultimate NBA playoffs betting winner –but that’s exactly what makes the NBA playoffs odds so interesting. For the un-initiated NBA playoffs odds fan, the way the post season brackets are divided up is awfully simple for even the NBA playoffs betting novice to understand.

Both the Eastern and Western conferences send 8 teams to the NBA playoffs odds action. The teams are all seeded from 1-8 with the best and worst playing in the first round of the NBA playoffs betting and that pattern holding among the remaining teams. The NBA playoffs odds action has the same basic flow to it as any other major sporting playoffs, and the schedule is designed to offer the top seeds the path of least resistance to the ultimate series: the NBA Finals.

For sports fans that just watched the March Madness at the college level the NBA playoffs odds are something completely different. Both are great sporting events, but they are far different creatures. NBA playoffs odds action carries on for much longer and the emphasis of competition is between the two teams in the series with plenty of chances for error, whereas the NCAA championship is one loss and out. This seven-game series format in the NBA playoffs odds allows for great comebacks by underdogs and is one of the reasons why sports fans are such big fans of the NBA playoffs odds system. So if that sounds like your kind of event, get ready for the 2009 NBA playoffs odds to knock your socks off.

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