Over-Unders in Playoff NBA Odds

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

The Orlando Magic were very impressive in the first round of basketball odds as they swept away the Charlotte Bobcats in four straight games.

Many times in the NBA Playoffs the public forgets all about over-unders in NBA odds. That is not the case with professional gamblers though as they love to bet totals in basketball odds, even in the playoffs.

NBA odds are exciting in the playoffs and that includes the over-unders.  For many professional gamblers the totals are the way to go.  The totals don’t get as much attention from the public and that is just fine with professional gamblers.  Professional gamblers believe that there are weaker lines with the totals than on sides and that is true even in the NBA Playoffs.

Wagering on totals is done more by the professional gambler but that doesn’t mean the average gambler can’t wager on them.  In fact, the public gambler may just want to follow along.  If the odds move a great deal on a total then that game might be worth considering.  The oddsmakers simply don’t put as much emphasis on the totals or perhaps they just don’t do a good job of making the numbers.  Regardless, totals have been something that the pro gamblers look at all the time in the NBA.

There are going to be marquee games that do get attention in NBA odds form the public. For example, when a weak offensive team takes on a strong defensive club, even some members of the mainstream masses will be thinking it’s an easy game to bet under.  What you must remember is that the oddsmakers can actually react to a game if the public is likely to bet it. In fact, they will post a higher or lower number based on what the public is likely to do.  On the other side, games featuring weak defensive teams with a lot of offense are going to have high totals.  The two teams may combine to put up a lot of points but the total is going to be high.

In the playoffs, another important factor to take into account is that the scoring is oftentimes lower than in the regular season vs. the basketball odds.  The NBA Playoffs are simply different and the totals are adjusted a little bit.  You must keep that in mind when you make your wagers. You must really adjust your thinking towards how the oddsmakers are thinking and how they will set the odds in the NBA Playoffs and that applies even to the totals.

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