Oklahoma City Thunder 2009-2010 Preview Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting on the Oklahoma City Thunder will be full of surprises as they are considered amongst the young teams in the NBA.

The Thunder is in full gear with young promising players including their new acquisition James Harden. Many basketball betting handicappers that have followed this team’s action over the seasons believe that this NBA betting season might be the one where you will actually see these boys turn into men.

Basketball betting lines will be interesting for the Oklahoma City Thunder. This team has started out this season with young roosters considered to be intriguing ones. Starting with players such as Jeff Green, Russell Westbrook, rookie James Harden and of course Kevin Durant, basketball betting fans will know what the Thunder brings this time. Scott Brooks needs to take all this talent and turn into a team that will accumulate basketball betting wins game after game.

The top teams in the Western Conference will probably be very good so basketball betting pundits already know that it will be very hard for the Thunder to pass on to the playoffs. Nevertheless, in comparison with last basketball betting season, the Oklahoma City Thunder is destined to show a major improvement this season. This will be due to the young talent including Coach Scott Brooks who is among the youngest coaches in NBA betting.

Kevin Durant, who was a rookie in the 2007-2008 basketball betting season, is considered to be the top offensive player in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s lineup. As a young player, he has impressive basketball betting skills. One of the most impressive notes on Durant is that his PER for last season escalated from 15.8 to 20.8.

Basketball betting fans have agreed that when Coach Scott Brooks moved in, he made some intelligent changes on the court. These changes improved the Thunder’s game widely. Durant was moved to small forward and Jeff Green was placed as a power forward. Another basketball betting move was placing Westbrook as a starting point guard. By working together on their new positions, these three players are now known as the Big Three in the world of NBA betting. Last year, Oklahoma City Thunder ended with a very low technical fouls count, which means that they are learning how to play calm and with a mature attitude.

Nine players in the Oklahoma City Thunder are younger than 24. Two other are over 28. Between Brooks and assistant Coach Mo Cheeks they must take these young men and develop their skills to make sure that basketball betting on the chances of playoff action can increase for them. We will just have to wait and see before laying our NBA betting steps on them.

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