New York Knicks 2009-2010 Preview Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting fans tend to overlook the New York Knicks. Since the Patrick Ewing era, such skepticism as to whether or not the Knicks can perform at the level they used to perform is a justified reaction.

Let’s face it: the Knicks fell off the NBA betting face of the Earth. Basketball betting pundits predict the Knickerbockers to reach no further than 4th place, most likely 5th place in the Atlantic Division.

Nothing but bad trade decisions, horrible losing basketball betting streaks, and disappointment have plagued the Knicks since the 90’s. They haven’t made the NBA betting playoffs since 2004, and even then they didn’t make it past the first round.

So what do the Knicks have going for them? One of the biggest basketball betting strengths the Knicks have is their high-paced attack, and their high scoring games. The over on a Knicks game may be a very smart pick this season. Not to mention their number of 3-point attempts ranked #1 in the basketball betting league, at an average of 28 per night. Mike D’Antoni is definitely pushing for them to work on their offense, but it’s still not enough to win basketball betting games.

What does every basketball betting expert say wins games? Defense. The Knicks lack serious defense, and per game nobody on the team averaged even one block. Opposing teams would have a harder time getting out of a wet paper bag than through the Knicks’ NBA betting defense.

All that’s really left to see is whether or not the new additions to the team, Darko Miličić, Jordan Hill, and Toney Douglas, can bring some basketball betting defense to the team. Darko has shown some ability as far as defending the paint, and shown he can block shots, but he’s really going to have to put some fire under his seat and get moving because the New York defense is really in the basketball betting gutter. Douglas is also expected to perform a little as far as defense, seeing as he was named ACC Defensive Player of the Year.

SBG Global has NBA betting futures odds on the Knicks at +22000. Given a poor Knicks defense, and strengthening offense, the basketball betting over on the totals are a good way to go. But don’t even dream of taking a futures basketball betting wager on New York taking the championship; it’ll just be a waste of money.

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