Nets a Bet on Basketball Flop Without Carter at SBG Global

October 23rd, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Bet on basketball experts have never been enamored with Vince Carter but considering the recent struggles of the New Jersey Nets, many experts that bet NBA action are rethinking how important he is. The Nets have dropped five straight games since losing Carter and are desperately trying to right the ship and give gamblers that bet on basketball some hope when the consider betting New Jersey.

Bet on basketball experts remember that Carter sustained a Grade 1 sprain of his right ankle in the third quarter of New Jersey’s Nov. 10 game against Boston. The Nets went on to lose that game against the Celtics for gamblers that bet on basketball and have lost ever since.  Experts that bet NBA games remember that when Carter was healthy the Nets were 4-1 and looking like a solid team for gamblers that bet on basketball.

Carter is expected to travel with the team on their road trip but it is uncertain when he will return and gamblers that bet on basketball are wondering.  The Nets really need Carter considering how bad things are going.  Those gamblers that bet on basketball will be monitoring the injury report on a daily basis looking for his return.  The Nets set a season high in turnovers against Miami in the latest loss that frustrated gamblers that bet NBA action. “The turnovers we are committing, we have to look at it,” said Nets coach Lawrence Frank, “We just have to make high-percentage plays. The intent is right, it just comes down to execution.”

The question for gamblers that bet on basketball is how important is Carter? Is the poor New Jersey play a reflection of the team missing Carter or is it a coincidence?  Experts that bet NBA action originally thought that New Jersey’s poor play was only slightly indicative of Carter’s absence but they are rethinking that position.  Whenever a team goes totally into the tank after losing a star player there may be more to it than just a coincidence and gamblers that bet on basketball have noticed.  Gamblers that bet on basketball are avoiding New Jersey in the betting odds until Carter returns.  Once he is back in the starting lineup, gamblers that bet on basketball will consider New Jersey more favorable in terms of gambling odds.


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