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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

The NBA regular season begins in just a couple of weeks so now is the time to bet NBA wagering online season win totals.

Let’s take a look at the win totals for the 2010-2011 season and decide which teams are worth an NBA bet either over or under.

Miami Heat 63.5 – Everyone hopes the Heat to win a lot of games this season with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.  There are already warning signs though that this may not be a fantastic team.  Wade hurt his hamstring in the preseason and whether this trio can stay healthy is in question.  That total is extremely high and could be worth taking under.

Los Angeles Lakers 56.5 – The Lakers are the two-time defending NBA champion yet their win total is much less than Miami’s.  The odds makers are obviously overrating the Heat and they might be underrating the Lakers.

Boston Celtics 55.5 – The odds makers are in love with the Celtics but why?  Is there are reason that the Celtics are going to win more games than the Lakers this season.  And they have a higher win total than the Magic. Take the under on this total.

Orlando Magic 54.5 – The Magic have a lower total than the Celtics.  That is simply ludicrous.  The Magic are the better team and should win more games than Boston.  Over the total is worth a shot.

Oklahoma City Thunder 50.5 – This could be the best bet on the board. The Thunder won 50 games last season and they are only getting better.  If they stay healthy the Thunder should go over this total.

Utah Jazz 49.5 – The Jazz almost have a won total of 50 but they don’t look as good without Carlos Boozer. Taking Utah under the total looks good.

Portland Trail Blazers 49.5 – The Blazers also have a win total of 49.5 and why are they going to be better?  They can’t stay healthy and they have no real scoring other than Brandon Roy.

Another NBA bet worth looking at – You may want to take the Washington Wizards over their win total of 32.5.  The Wizards have the probable Rookie of the Year in John Wall and don’t forget that Gilbert Arenas is back.  Over the total looks to be a great NBA wagering online bet.

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