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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA Finals odds are similar in some respects to the Super Bowl or World Series.

Usually when these big events take place the average bettor wants to get involved and that is the case with NBA Finals betting. It doesn’t matter whether or not the bettor likes the sport, what matters is that the games are on TV. Let’s look at NBA Finals odds.

NBA Finals odds have an additional option that is not available during the regular season and that is the series price. This is a great bet to make because it keeps you in action all throughout the NBA Finals betting series. You may also want to hedge that bet throughout the series. If you take the dog in the series and steal one of the first two games then you can hedge your bet and lock in a profit. Usually the series price is adjusted throughout the playoffs and you can continue to bet it after each game in NBA Finals odds. This gives you the chance to hedge your original bet or make new wagers based on how the series is going.

As you look at NBA Finals odds you may also want to consider the very popular zig-zag theory. It is a betting system that has you taking the loser of the previous game in NBA Finals odds. The theory was a great moneymaker in NBA Finals odds through the 80’s and early 90’s but has not done as well since that time. It is still worth looking at though, but not the automatic play it used to be in NBA Finals odds. The good news is that the strategy still works bets in NBA Finals odds because teams just can’t afford to lose two straight and have a chance to win in NBA Finals betting.

NBA Finals odds are very popular with the public which means favorites usually get bet quite a bit. The only instance where that is not true is if a marquee team like the Lakers is an underdog in NBA Finals odds. In that case the public may take the underdog in NBA Finals betting.

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