NBA Finals Betting Props at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals betting can be about more than just the side and total.

Think of NBA finals betting like you would Super Bowl betting. It is such a big game that sportsbooks will put up propositions. This means you can have other options as you bet on the NBA finals.

NBA finals betting propositions will usually be posted on each game in the series. Remember that NBA finals betting will have teams playing a best of seven series which means you get props for each game. So, what will these NBA finals propositions look like? Can you make money betting them when you bet on the NBA finals?

Keep in mind that every game of the NBA finals is on TV so that means you will see all of your NBA finals betting props in action. That makes them very appealing for the average gambler. Some of these NBA finals betting props will be the obvious ones like the amount of points scored by a player like Kobe Bryant. You will also see propositions as you bet on the NBA finals where a star player from what team is matched up against the star player from another team. For example, let’s say that the Lakers and Celtics meet in NBA finals betting. You might have Kobe matched up against Kevin Garnett in points scored. Now Kobe would be the obvious favorite so he might be laying 5 points in this NBA finals betting prop. That would mean he would need to score 5 points more than Garnett for you to win that NBA finals betting proposition wager.

What you might want to consider with NBA finals betting props is to bet on a player that had a bad game to bounce back. Let’s say that the Celtics held Kobe to 15 points in the first game. You might want to bet Kobe over his points total in the next game of NBA finals betting. Conversely, a player that had a big game could be a nice go against in props as you bet on the NBA finals.

These are just a few things to think about when you look at propositions that are listed for the NBA finals each year.

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