NBA Finals Betting Exciting Facts at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals betting is an exciting time of the year for gamblers that like to bet basketball.

Let’s look at some facts and some strategies that can be helpful to you as you bet on the NBA finals.

NBA finals betting will have teams playing a seven game series with the first team to four winning the title. This means that every game is important and letdowns are very unlikely. If a team gets a big lead they are unlikely to let up which means blowouts can happen. Since the two teams in NBA finals betting are matching up against each other game after game, there are dynamics to consider. Each team is trying to find a weakness in the other and exploit it throughout the NBA finals betting series. Let’s look at some strategies and facts to consider as you bet on the NBA finals.

First, defense wins titles. You may already know this but it bears repeating in NBA finals betting. A team that can’t stop the other team is rarely going to be a champion and they are not a team you want to be taking as you bet on the NBA finals. You want a team in NBA finals betting that can play defense and rebound. Teams don’t get second chances against good rebounding squads and that is just like making a defensive stop.

Another factor to look at in NBA finals betting is the half court offense. Teams may run and gun in the regular season but in the playoffs the team that can score in the half court usually wins in NBA finals betting. Another factor that has been well publicized and still works on occasion is the zig-zag theory where a team bounces back after a loss to win in NBA finals betting.

You also want to remember that home court still matters in NBA finals betting. The oddsmakers may sometimes overrate it but do you really want to be going against a home team in NBA finals betting. It is very easy for the road team to get blown out if they make mistakes on the road so keep that in mind as you bet on the NBA finals.

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