NBA Finals Betting Culmination at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals betting is the culmination of the NBA season with a best of seven series determining the best team.

Many times when you bet on the NBA finals you will find out that the team with the best defense wins. Oftentimes in sports, including NBA finals betting, defense wins championships.

NBA finals betting during the past decade has seen the defense of the San Antonio Spurs win four titles. The Pistons had a defense that was very tough when they won in NBA finals betting. Even during the 1990’s when the Bulls won their titles in NBA finals betting it was the defense that dominated. How can you use this knowledge to make money when you bet on the NBA finals? If a team is going to win a title we know they will play good defense. That means low scoring games and that means Unders. Just look back a few years when Detroit went 14-8-1 under the total in their games in the playoffs. The Spurs had a similar under record of 15-8-1 one year. Defense wins championships and that applies to NBA finals betting. Look what happened in 2006 when Miami won the title. They went under the total in 10 of their final 12 playoff games. Last season in NBA finals betting the Spurs dominated the Cavaliers with defense. Three of the four games went under the total and gamblers that bet on the NBA finals to go under the total made money.

When NBA finals betting begins teams are taking things serious. There is no coasting or loafing on defense. Every shot and basket is contested and that means lower scoring games in NBA finals betting. The defense tends to get better as the playoffs progress and that means as you bet on the NBA finals you will see tight, low scoring games. In the last four seasons the under is 47-34 in the Conference Finals and NBA finals betting.

Remember in NBA finals betting that defense wins titles. Keep that in mind and you will have a chance to make more money this season.

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