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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting power ratings and trends may be used as part of an overall total sports handicapping equation but, in and of themselves, they are insufficient in providing a total picture.

NBA betting picks based solely on these, either standing alone or together, are incomplete and unlikely to win over the long term for gamblers or those that get involved in the NBA live cd-key forum.

NBA betting power ratings are man made numbers and imprecise. You also must remember that there are no NBA betting secrets in regards to power ratings, as there are all kinds of power ratings available to players both online and in newspapers and tout sheets and even in an NBA live cd-key forum. The numbers of power ratings may vary but the basketball betting oddsmakers are fully aware of them. The oddsmakers have their own power ratings that they work with which, again, should point out to NBA betting players that power ratings are everywhere.

Trends, particularly when it comes to NBA picks are based on past results and can change. There are some strong trends that are difficult for an NBA betting player to ignore and those should be included as part of a greater and broader sports handicapping effort that takes into account numerous other factors. How many times do you see a perfect trend go right down the drain in NBA betting or read about it in an NBA live cd-key forum? It happens all the time with NBA picks. Many services use obscure trends that, if examined closely, are practically irrelevant to the overall handicapping factor of the game in question. When you are handicapping a game against the NBA betting odds and totals, what happened in the past is often useless if all other NBA betting factors point to the opposite team.

There are many NBA betting factors that a gambler must take into account when analyzing potential NBA picks. A gambler or those that look at the NBA live cd-key forum must prioritize handicapping factors used to make NBA picks.

Power ratings and trends in NBA are definitely part of the overall equation but unless you happen to find something unique, it is unlikely they can be your only way to make NBA picks.

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