NBA Betting Odds Prices at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

When it comes to NBA betting odds, the oddsmakers generally do a pretty good job of posting accurate numbers.

NBA betting players have to study the NBA betting odds intently in order to come up with plays that have value and give them a good price. Sometimes checking different online sportsbooks will give the NBA betting player more value because the numbers are better. Identifying the best play and then finding the best NBA betting odds is what basketball gambling is all about.

Can you remember all of the half point or one point losses you had last year versus the NBA betting odds? Most of us can’t remember them all, but we do know that it seems like there were a lot of them. What if you could have turned those half point and full point losses into wins or pushes versus the NBA betting odds? Your bottom line for the year would definitely improve. There are many times in which NBA betting odds come down to a half a point margin between victory and defeat and the NBA betting player that has that extra half a point cushion that he was able to get by NBA betting odds shopping often turns a loss into a push and a push into a win.

Another option that some people consider is buying that extra half point or point when looking at NBA betting odds. Many pick sites will recommend buying the extra half point on certain games. For your reference, the only time buying points is worthwhile is buying onto or off of the number 3 and that relates to football. Long-term research has shown that is the only number in any sport that has proven to be worthwhile for buying points. So, when someone recommends buying points, your best option is to not do it, and that includes NBA betting odds.

There is no doubt that NBA betting odds offer the bettor a multitude of choices; far more than what is available in any other sport. This is good news and bad news when you look at NBA betting odds. It is good news because you have so many betting options, but it can be bad news because you have so many options. It is all a matter of discipline and isn’t that what it all boils down to in the end anyway? The disciplined gambler has a chance to win, while the undisciplined one does not. Hopefully as you look at NBA betting odds this year you will put yourself in the disciplined category.

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