NBA Betting – Noah’s Ark Set to Sail?

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting fans and handicappers have had plenty of news out of Chicago as the Bulls were trying to acquire Carmelo Anthony from Denver for Joakim Noah.

The Quest for the Next Jordan
Ever since Michael Jordan left the franchise following the 1998 NBA Championship the Chicago Bulls have been looking for a marquee player to fill the void and have yet to even come close.  While there can never be another Jordan there are plenty of big name superstars that would jumpstart the franchise but the 12 year quest is yet to be fulfilled.

Noah’s Will
While Noah would never be confused with having the same raw talent as Anthony he is considered to be a key asset for Chicago and a player that was instrumental in their making the playoffs last year.  New Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau prefers a hardnosed defense and rebound oriented style that is much more suited to Noah than the flashier Anthony.

Would a Trade Payoff?
The big question that Bulls fans should be asking themselves is one that sharp handicappers are already assessing as they consider a potential NBA bet with Chicago.  Would Anthony make the Bulls better if Noah was the price to get him?  While Anthony is like a high priced sports car he is also high maintenance while Noah is like a reliable truck that performs no matter how rugged the assignment.

Full of Himself
Many handicappers at SBG find Anthony’s attitude to be selfish and that he is full of himself.  Anthony wants to play in a bigger and more eastern oriented market than what he finds in Denver.  It has been proven in the past that a superstar is no guarantee of NBA betting success and in fact can often cause depreciation in board value as the general public will often flock to such players and the teams that coddle them only to end up with their pockets emptied by making the overlay.

Winning Secondary Consideration
But winning is not the only thing when it comes to what a NBA franchise will consider.  Marketability may not be a NBA bet handicapping factor, but the bean counters, and suits find it every bit as important as winning on the hard wood, which is what makes Anthony more appealing to some than Noah even though Noah may actually be a better fit.

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