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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

SBG Global is your sportsbook of choice when NBA betting.

NBA basketball betting and everything around it such as NBA betting lines, NBA wagering, NBA scores and stats, NBA playoffs, and NBA betting odds, fall into the longer sports betting seasons. The NBA basketball betting season runs from late October until middle of June.

From the beginning of the season in basketball betting, to the NBA playoffs and NBA finals, you will have practically eight months to do all the NBA online betting you want. There is no better time than right now to make your NBA betting picks and take a look at some NBA betting lines to make the best choice.

In NBA basketball if you are looking for some NBA betting, the first thing to remember is that the NBA betting season is a long grind. NBA statistics point out that teams go through changes throughout the season. NBA odds can vary tremendously as even the best teams have losing streaks, and even the worst teams can win a few. The big key for NBA online betting is not to overreact to any one game. NBA stats agree that bettors will focus on either sides or totals, but rarely both.

The professional gamblers that do NBA betting online love to bet the totals because they believe, and rightly so most of the time, that their NBA odds are better than the ones the odds maker has. That fact is particularly true during the early part of the NBA betting season, but less true later in the year when the NBA odds online are easy to produce.

As with any sport, the NBA statistics on injuries are a factor in the NBA basketball betting. They are, however, of paramount importance when late information is released regarding a star NBA player. In NBA betting this type of information usually comes the day of the game, and can even come just before tip-off. It is this late information that moves the NBA betting line and can definitely influence your bet. In addition to injuries, travel and fatigue are big factors when it comes to the NBA. Many times NBA basketball teams are going to be playing back-to-back games or they may be playing their third game in four nights. This is a big problem for many basketball betting teams and the astute NBA handicapper looks for those situations.

Another factor, although less important in the NBA than in other sports, is emotion and motivation statistics. Revenge is just not as big a deal in the NBA as it is in college basketball but it does have its place within NBA betting stats. Sometimes a team will get motivated if they are coming off a bad loss against the same opponent. You really don’t see motivation or revenge angles very often in the NBA, but once in a while they do pop up and in one way or another affect decisions bettors make when they bet NBA lines online.

Whenever you are looking into an NBA betting line, it is important to do your research. Just as in other sports betting endeavors, matchups, NBA statistics, travel, and intangibles play a part in your NBA betting online decisions. Make sure you don’t get caught up in the long NBA betting season by falling into a rut. Take the time to do the work and you can survive, and hopefully profit during the long NBA betting season as you make all the right decisions in your NBA betting picks.

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