NBA Betting Home Teams and Favorites at SBG Global Sports betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting for some gamblers involves betting only home teams and favorites.

If you want to get any online sportsbook manager around the world nervous mention that all of the home teams and favorites in NBA betting have been covering the spread. It is good news for the bettors though when favorites and home teams win and those that are looking at NBA live 08 serial code info love home teams as well.

NBA betting home teams and favorites don’t always win though. Sportsbooks whine about favorites covering the spread but more often than not the underdogs hold their own. When you look at basketball betting you probably start by looking at the home team or the favorite, or both. So does everyone else. That is not what you should be doing in NBA betting or if you are looking for the NBA live 08 serial code. Remember that just because the favorites and the home teams win sometimes it does not mean you will make money following them in NBA betting.

Some teams do well at home in NBA betting and continually struggle on the road. The oddsmakers also know this as do those that look at NBA live 08 serial code information. Home teams get shaded perhaps more than they should. This can present good opportunities when looking at NBA betting sides and totals for the intelligent gambler. You also have the home court edge and the favorite edge to consider when you bet 1st half and halftime sides and totals. Home teams that are trailing at the half are oftentimes very good bets as you look at halftime odds. The home team that was favored and trailing at the half is usually an even better bet in NBA betting. Usually the favored team is extra motivated at home to come back if they are trailing at the half. Give them extra consideration if you are making a 2nd half wager.

As you look at home teams and favorites in NBA betting remember that if you want to bet them you are going to usually pay a premium price. That does not mean they can’t win though. It just means you oftentimes have to pay a little bit more against the NBA betting line to take them.

Also remember as you look at the latest edition of EA Sports NBA Live you will want to make sure you have the NBA live 08 serial code.

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