NBA betting fans say bye to Ricky Rubio

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting is right around the corner. As every year, there are new players, new transfers and new drafts.

Basketball betting fans are starting to hear and read about upcoming news of importance for better handicapping of their bets. Ricky Rubio has been a top headline in the past few days.

NBA betting is almost one month away from its beginning and Ricky Rubio has been hitting most NBA news headlines for some time now. This Spanish point guard had been in negotiations to determine his future in the world of basketball betting. Rubio is known to be the youngest player that has played in the Spanish league. This fact only, reflects the abilities of the young kid who many NBA betting fans think will achieve amazing goals as a basketball player.

The Minnesota Timberwolves wanted to bring Rubio aboard. David Kahn, president of this NBA franchise, traveled in three occasions to Spain to negotiate a deal for Rubio. It seemed he had all the papers and transfer requirements ready, and at the last minute, Rubio changed his mind and decided to stay in his home land. This decision was not well taken by the Wolves basketball betting fans as they believe that their NBA betting year was only about to get better with this new acquisition.

Last Tuesday, the 19 year old player signed with Regal FC Barcelona for five million dollars. Rubio accepted to sign a contract of six years with a clause that states that he will be able to go to the NBA after two basketball betting seasons. Rubio stated that he believe that before going to the NBA he had to mature a lot more.

He said it was to risky for him to take that big step into the NBA and that it would have complicated his life. “Going to Minnesota would have just complicated my life a lot. It was a risk and I didn’t see it so clearly,” Rubio said. “My priority was the NBA and it was impossible for the Minnesota Timberwolves to pay my buyout clause, so I wanted to stay home.” he stated.

NBA betting fans for the Minnesota Timberwolves where expecting to have Rubio on their starting lineup for this season and as he said, the NBA was his priority too. Nevertheless, things turned out differently. Rubio strongly believes though, that once he does make his move to the NBA, it will definitely be with the Wolves.

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