NBA Basketball Odds & Steam Moves at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA basketball odds can oftentimes move quickly and violently.

These moves are sometimes referred to as steam moves at sportsbooks. There are a few main reasons that NBA basketball odds move a lot and it is these we want to take a look at right now.

NBA basketball odds on basketball are very common since there are so many games on the board each day. NBA basketball odds move for two main reasons. The first is because of injury. When news comes out about a key player expected to miss a game then the NBA odds will move quickly. The second reason NBA basketball odds will move is because a big gambler or a group of gamblers has hit the game.

The next question we want to ask is whether or not steam moves always win in NBA basketball odds? The answer is no. They don’t do any better sometimes than any other NBA odds line move. The other problem with steam moves is that not all of them are real syndicate moves. A syndicate is a group of gamblers that bet NBA odds or other types of sports betting odds. There are not nearly as many syndicates in operation today as there were years ago who are betting NBA basketball odds.

Many times the professionals will bet on one side in NBA basketball odds, causing a steam move, and later come back and take the other side. They could be doing this because they liked the other side all along and wanted a better number or they could be looking for a middle versus the NBA basketball odds. Knowing the real reason for the line move in NBA basketball odds is oftentimes tough to determine which is why steam moves are usually just a bunch of hype when it comes to really making money.

There is no doubt that steam moves happen every day at sportsbooks in terms of NBA basketball odds. You can’t follow them and make money though because they don’t always win. They are always interesting to look at but treat them as just another line move and nothing more.

Your best bet is just to be aware of the steam moves in NBA basketball odds and take note on occasion if the move happens to agree with a game you already had picked out and handicapped before the lines came out.

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