NBA Basketball Gambling on the Eastern Conference at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA basketball gambling has focused primarily on the Western Conference for many seasons.

The majority of the best teams resided in the West, so it was home to much of the most exciting and entertaining basketball gambling. However, some moves in the offseason, particularly the restructuring of what is now a tremendous Celtics squad, has somewhat shifted the power balance to the Eastern Conference this year, which is an unexpected surprise for many NBA basketball gambling veterans. Currently, the two best overall records in the league are held by the Celtics and the Pistons, so NBA basketball gambling fans must give more credit to the East than has been merited in many years.

NBA basketball gambling analysts would certainly point to the trades of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen from Western Conference teams to the Eastern Conference Celtics as the major turning point in this transition. The Celtics quickly morphed into the NBA’s top team and currently lead the NBA with a 29-4 record. The Celtics also have an excellent 22-11 record against the NBA basketball gambling spreads, indicating they have provided gamblers with tremendous NBA basketball gambling value all season. Somewhat surprisingly, the second best overall record in the league is also held by an Eastern Conference team, the Pistons, who are currently atop the Central Division with a 26-9 record. The Pistons have also generated lots of NBA basketball gambling profits for their supporters, as they currently possess a stellar 24-11 record against the NBA basketball gambling spreads. With these two teams performing so tremendously, it seems very reasonable to assume that the NBA championship will be returning back to the Eastern Conference this year.

Nevertheless, while some NBA basketball gambling fans may argue that the league’s two best teams are in the Eastern Conference, it is hard to deny that the Western Conference is much deeper. The Blazers, Nuggets, Suns, Lakers, Mavericks, and Spurs all have stellar records in the Western Conference and this will make reaching even the second round of the Playoffs a significant challenge. Nevertheless, while the Lakers and Blazers are performing far better than many NBA basketball gambling analysts had predicted, the Mavs and Spurs have not raised too many eyebrows this season and some basketball gambling enthusiasts wonder if they still have what it takes to win the championship. Also, due to the high expectations that surround these teams, neither one has a notable record against the basketball gambling spreads, and therefore they have not been nearly as profitable to NBA basketball gambling fans. However, much of the NBA basketball gambling season still remains, and perhaps these basketball gambling favorites are simply waiting for the second half of the season to turn up the heat.

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