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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting line pros are the ones that make money during the basketball season.

The guys that win in the most unusual ways are the pros who wager against the college and NBA basketball betting line. Few people agree with them, many people question them, but everyone wants to be them. How do you become a basketball betting line pro?

Basketball betting line success begins by changing your way of thinking. Just like a crook that comes over to the law’s side, a sharp goes from thinking and wagering like a gambler to instead thinking and wagering like an oddsmaker. One of the great ironies of the basketball betting line is that the “pros” are not the hardest working gamblers, at least in the traditional sense. They don’t pour over trends and statistics, for example, and obsess with reading all of the media reports before making wagers versus the college and NBA basketball betting line. Instead, what information that the pros do compile or look into is simply based on the attempt to figure out how the mainstream public is going to wager on the basketball betting line, in order to know what not to do and where the value will not be found.

The basketball betting line pros are often not experts at basketball. What they are, however, are experts at basketball gambling. A sharp knows the language and the values of the college and NBA basketball betting line and how to read the board for the best possible values. Sharps are students of the basketball betting line. They study the masses and not only learn from their mistakes but actually learn to exploit their way of thinking into profits versus the college and NBA basketball betting line.

Sharps learn to set the basketball betting line, to compare it to the actual basketball betting line and to better gage value on the board. Sharps are experts at oddsmaking, which means that they are masters of the basketball betting line.  Basketball betting line pros are rare but they do exist and they do find ways to make money betting hoops.

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