73 Don’t Mean a Thing without the Ring

November 8th, 2019 NBA Basketball

The 73 wins record has given the late part of the regular season a nice breath of fresh air for fans that BET on NBA basketball. It is captivating the interest of basketball fans all over the world and sports betting is not different. After this past Sunday when the Warriors tied the Bulls’ record, the eyes of the world will be fixed on their next game versus the Memphis Grizzlies when they seek to break the record and enter immortality.

They are favorites in that game, and very likely they will win it (and have it won by the third quarter), but regardless of the result of that game, a new quest begins for them as soon as the buzzer goes. The Warriors must win the NBA title to give this season meaning and a proper placing in the discussion of the “All Time Greats”.

Considering that judging from what it could be, the Warriors might face the Houston Rockets in the first round. While, they are not considered a serious threat by insiders, they have two very talented players on James Harden and Dwight Howard. Houston will put the Warriors to an early test. Assuming Golden State moves on, they will then face the Clippers or Grizzlies. The way things are shaping, it will be most likely a trip to Los Angeles for Golden State. The Clippers will try to wear down and contain the Splash brothers.

Then The Warriors will go on to play against their best opponents yet. No disrespect to the Cavaliers or the entire Eastern conference, but the team that comes out of the Western Conference championship game will be the NBA Champs. No question about it, bank on it. (If you bet on NBA basketball and either the Warriors or Spurs are in the Finals, they are winning it, regardless who is their opponent from the East. They are THAT good.)

If the Warriors don’t make it to the Finals or somehow lose to any team from the East, it will be a disaster. Naysayers, questioning Golden State’s greatness and finding an argument to latch from to bring down one of the most exciting teams in basketball history. If they want for the 73 win record to mean something, the ring is a must.

When it comes to sports betting and offshore gambling, numbers matter. It is how lines are made, and how smart bettors place their wagers. The Golden State Warriors’ impact to the sport of basketball is something that can only be assessed in the years to come as they created a unit of players that have ridiculous shooting percentages and awesome teamwork mentality. Fresh of their championship-winning season, they one upped themselves and put on what can only be described as one of the most memorable season in the league’s history.

But, ultimately the most important thing is the Championship. The Warriors now commence a path that will take them amongst the best of the strongest Conference in the NBA currently, with a possible Conference Finals against another historic team in their own right: The San Antonio Spurs. If you bet on NBA, to quote Drake and Future: “What a time to be Alive”.

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