NBA All-Star Game Betting Might Not Include Kobe

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA All-Star game betting might not include the league’s best player as the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant may not be able to play due to a sore left ankle.

NBA All-Star game odds would be adjusted a little bit if Kobe doesn’t play. NBA All-Star game betting in the past has seen Kobe do very well in this game so he would definitely be missed by the Western Conference in NBA All-Star game odds. "If I’m not able to play, I won’t play. But I’m healthy, I will," Bryant said. The Lakers would like Kobe to rest and not be in NBA All-Star game betting but Kobe was not making any promises. "I don’t know what it’s going to look like on Sunday. I’m not clairvoyant," he said.

Kobe had played in 235 straight games before missing Saturday’s game against Portland.  He then missed Monday night’s game against San Antonio.  What is making it easier for Kobe is that the Lakers won both of those games. "I’m not an idiot. I’m not going to run through a wall just to run through a wall," he said. "If it’s an injury where I feel like I can play through it and have it heal while I’m playing, then I’ll play. But if it’s the type of injury where it’s going to get worse when I play, then I won’t." Kobe has played through injuries before and he still has a fracture in his right index finger.  If he was able to move better with his ankle he would be playing through this injury as well. "If I can move, I’m good. If I can move and get to the basket, I’m good." Kobe said.

The Western Conference has already been hurt by injuries and it could affect NBA All-Star game betting. The West won’t have Chris Paul or Brandon Roy in NBA All-Star game odds as they are both going to miss the game due to injuries.  Now it looks like Kobe might not play either in NBA All-Star game betting.  Even with the game being in Dallas, the Eastern Conference is starting to look better and better in NBA All-Star game odds.  The Eastern Conference has LeBron James in NBA All-Star game betting but they are not without issues of their own as Paul Pierce has been battling injuries lately. 

NBA All-Star game betting should be interesting to follow with the injuries to both sides, particularly the Western Conference.

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