Miami Heat beat Cleveland Cavaliers, 106-92

March 17, 2015 NBA Basketball

player dunking basketballWith the NBA Regular season now in the 2nd part, teams are thinking already about the playoffs, but they must continue their winning percentage to get there! This past Monday night the 16th of Mar. 2015 we saw the Miami Heat 30-36 (3rd SE Division) playing at home against the Cleveland Cavaliers 43-26 (1st Central Division) and the game was played at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida and tip-off was at 8 PM ET with some 19,626 fans on hand, and the game lasted 2 hours.

This was the 3rd game of the 4 game series between the Heat and the Cavaliers and the 1st game was played in Miami on Thursday the 25th of Dec. 2014 and the Heat won that game 101-91. The 2nd game was played in Cleveland on Wed. the 11th of Feb. 2015 and the Cavaliers won that game 113-93.

The 3rd game of the 4th game on the series took place last night the 16th of Feb. 2015 and the scoring in the game in the 1st 3 quarters was all in favor of the Miami Heat and the 4th quarter the Cavaliers slightly led the scoring. In the 1st quarter of the Heat of Miami outscored the Cavaliers of Cleveland 27-22. In the 2nd quarter the Heat outscored the Cavaliers again 29-16 thus the game went to half-time with the Cavaliers 38 and the Heat 56 and Cleveland then had to start the second half with an 18 point deficit.

In the 3rd quarter of this game the Heat again managed to outscore the Cavaliers 27-25, thus the deficit for the Heat increase to 20 points as they entered the 4th and final quarter of this game as the score was Miami 83 and Cleveland 63. The 4th and final quarter saw the Cavaliers finally outscore the Heat by 6 points, which was too little too late as the Heat wins the game with their 106 points and the Cavaliers were at 92 the final score.

The best 5 performance in this game for the Cavaliers of Cleveland came from forward-James-26 points 2 rebounds 4 assists, guard-Irving-21 points 2 rebounds 6 assists, center-Mosgov-10 points 5 rebounds, guard-Smith-8 points 4 rebounds 2 assists 1 steal 1 block and center-Thompson-7 points and 8 rebounds.

The leading 5 performers in this game for the Heat of Miami were from guard-Wade-32 points 2 rebounds 2 assists 5 steals, guard-Dragic-20 points 5 rebounds 9 assists 2 steals, center-Whiteside-16 point’s 11 rebounds 3 blocks, guard-Chalmers-16 points 5 rebounds 3 assists 1 steal 1 block and forward-Deng-11 points 7 rebounds and 3 assists.

The team combined totals for the above categories were; Cavs with 32 rebounds 17 assists 8 steals 4 blocks 14 turnovers Heat with 45 rebounds 21 assists 8 steals 5 blocks 21 turnovers.

Reviewing the team statistics on scoring the Cavaliers of Cleveland scored some 92 points in this game as they attempted 79 field goals and made 30 for 79% completion rate, then on 3-pointers they made 11 of 33 for 33% completion and finally on their foul shots they made 21 of 27 for a 37% completion rate. On the other side the Heat of Miami scored the winning 106 total points on their attempted 76 field goals of which they made 42 for 55% completion, and on 3-pointers they made 4 of 15 for 26% completion, and on their foul shots they made 18 of 22 for a 81% completion rate.

This was as game wherein LeBron James returned to Miami for the 2nd game since he left the Heat and his scoring of 26 tied him for his 3rd worst scoring game in this 2014-15 NBA regular season. At the same time the Heat outscored the Cavaliers by 17 points to win this matchup. Plus the Heat’s 18 point half time lead was their biggest in 2014-15.

So basketball fans who Bet on NBA at a Sportsbook then you should know the conference East League race is on. After this game in the East race the Heat is now in a tie for with the Pacers and the Celtics and a 172 game behind them is the Hornets. Coming up on Wednesday the Heat plays at home against Portland, while the Cavaliers play at home against the Nets.

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