Memphis Grizzlies 2009-2010 Preview Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting on the Memphis Grizzlies will need some studying from the public and handicappers this year before putting money on them.

This basketball betting season, Memphis has a lot of young talent on the court. Names like O.J Mayo, Darrell Arthur, Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol and rookie Sam Young will be in the comments of TV broadcasters for their amazing plays. Regardless of this, players like Gay and Mayo still need some more experience to be at the game level of basketball betting superstars. Many basketball betting fans have questioned the new contract Zach Randolph especially for the salary he is coming in with.

Basketball betting speculations are that Mike Conley might be the Grizzlies point guard for the near future. He did have some action but there is still no assurance that this basketball betting fact is so. It’s not out of concept to believe that the Memphis Grizzlies might come down with more than 30 wins for this basketball betting season. Nevertheless, it will be a little hard to see this franchise getting anywhere postseason situation.

This summer, the Memphis Grizzlies have taken over some basketball betting headlines. There have been two reasons for this. First of all, basketball betting fans questioning the moves by Zach Randolph and second, the contract signed with Allen Iverson who said that this year is personal for him and that he does not appreciate people putting him in a wheel chair implying that he is too old to play. For sure, the Grizzlies will show different basketball betting tactics this NBA betting season. This year will be an interesting one for Memphis. Many basketball betting pundits believe it won’t be a good year, but that definitely it will be bring the attention for headlines and comments because of how interesting it will be.

The Memphis Grizzlies will be also be interesting to watch because it seems that Lionel Hollins can get this team to turn out pretty good. NBA betting fans will give Allen Iverson and Zach Randolph good motivation also because the fact that they are surrounded my young talent. You never know what this mix of generations can achieve on this 2009-2010 basketball betting season.

This NBA betting season, the Grizzlies will not run into any type of problem when it comes to scoring. Players like Allen Iverson, Rudy Gay, Zack Randolph, OJ Mayo will easily score 20 points or more on each game. The rebounds will also be fine with Gasol and Randolph there. NBA betting fans that cheer on the Grizzlies can’t wait for this season to start and see what their team has under their sleeve.

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