Mavs overcoming NBA finals betting odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals betting odds had all but given up on the Dallas Mavericks several weeks ago.

The team had just pulled off what looked to be a bad trade for the aging Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki went down with an ankle injury all but dashing the NBA finals betting hopes of this team. But all of sudden Dirk is back on the court, Kidd is acclimating to his new teammates and the Mavs are back in the NBA finals betting odds hunt.

NBA finals betting odds attitude towards this team has varied throughout the season. At times this team has looked unstoppable and destined for the NBA finals betting odds. At other times the team has looked like the farthest thing from an NBA finals betting caliber team. The ups and downs that the team has faced has left plenty of doubt in the minds of NBA finals betting odds makers and there plenty of fans as well that don’t envision this team as NBA finals betting material. But stranger things have happened in the race to the NBA betting odds and the Mavs are one team that should not be discounted no matter their seeding is as the playoffs begin and the NBA finals betting approaches.

Nowitzki is back on the court now apparently quite healthy, which is a must if this team is to make the NBA finals betting odds. Kidd and his teammates are also starting to gel and it’s been impossible for NBA finals betting odds not to notice. The team has now secured a spot in the post-season, albeit a likely seven seed and is ready to begin the long slog to NBA finals betting odds.

There are several reasons to think that the Mavs have chance to be one of the two teams featured in the NBA finals betting odds. The most prominent of these is that Jason Kidd has been a beast in the post season throughout his career averaging almost a triple double. That kind of production paired with some stout defense and reigning MVP Dirk’s scoring prowess is an impressive combination in a NBA finals betting odds race.

Also, this is a seasoned team that is only two years removed from being featured in the NBA finals betting odds and it knows what it takes to get there.

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