Los Angeles Lakers 2009-2010 Preview Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting fans expect a lot from the Lakers this season. Basketball betting pundits believe that repeating a championship is a lot more difficult than winning the actual championship.

Coach Phil Jackson wants to keep the NBA betting odds hot and interesting for the Lakers and make sure that his players give their best to take the ring home for the second time in a row. Handicappers know that this NBA betting season, the Los Angeles Lakers are going to put up a very good show worth watching.

NBA betting statistics tell us that this year; the Los Angeles Lakers are coming back with the same team from last year with the exception for Trevor Ariza and Sun Yue. Ron Artest came in to replace Ariza on the NBA betting odds. All fans expect for him to begin a regular basketball betting season as a starter. This NBA betting tactic is meant to add a stronger defensive front.

This NBA betting season, the Lakers are better than last according to Coach Phil Jackson. Regardless of this fact, they still need to add chemistry on the court to be complete. It’s always possible that the Lakers do not win another championship; even so, they will be expected to add the salsa to the NBA betting odds. If they do a good job by staying healthy and playing right, they might repeat the luck that the team had almost a decade ago.

Kobe Bryant is considered the best player in the NBA by many basketball betting experts. He has brought in his great skills that have turned him into an icon in NBA betting. Coach Phil Jackson has tried to bring in players that will allow the team not to rely so much on Bryant; nevertheless, he is the one that most NBA betting fans want to follow.  This team has had to work hard into finding a correct balance to make sure that Bryant’s dominance in the game goes hand in hand with the rest of the help he gets from his teammates.

Basketball betting will barely see any weaknesses in the Los Angeles Lakers. NBA betting is expected to be high and mighty when it comes to their odds. What fans need to keep in mind though, is that anything can happen in the world of basketball. There is a lot of talent coming in and we might be in for a few NBA betting surprises.

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