Lakers and NBA Final Odds at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals odds makers and fans alike are scrambling to lock in there choices as to which teams have the best shot of being featured in the NBA finals betting this year.

As the seeding process won’t be settled until the final day of the season its hard to know which teams will make the NBA finals odds until their potential playoff match ups are known. But out West with only several days remaining on the schedule, it seems like the LA Lakers are going to capture the one seed and have the inside track to representing the conference in the NBA finals odds.

NBA finals odds did not expect this Lakers squad to be in the position it’s in right now when the season first began. As anyone whose participated in NBA finals gambling in recent years knows, the Lakers have been conspicuously absent not only from the NBA finals odds, but even from the second round of the playoffs. This year LA is looking to change that scenario and if the team keeps playing as it has of late, there is no reason to think that this team won’t be in the NBA finals odds. In fact, after the trade that sent big man Pau Gasol to the Lakers and the inspired play of Andrew Bynum, many NBA finals odds experts believe the Lakers are the best team in the West.

When the playoffs roll around a team can win with just two great players. In the post season and on the road to the NBA finals odds it becomes a two man game with star players getting preferential treatment from the refs and also, because of the one-on-one style of play that we see so often in the NBA finals betting these days, it’s possible to for just two players to take over and dominate a series. In recent attempts to try and reach the NBA finals odds, Kobe has been missing that other big time player to partner with. Gasol will be that piece in this years fight for an NBA finals odds spot and this team has a very good shot at reaching the NBA finals betting.

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