Knicks Keep Losing Games and Players

January 10, 2015 NBA Basketball

basketball player doing a reverse dunkNBA betting on the New York Knicks has become almost equal to throwing money away. Remember when the Knicks were good? Well, neither can we. Let’s look at what’s gone wrong with the Knicks this season.

Yesterday, the Knicks lost for the 14th straight time this season after the Rockets pulverized them 120-96, setting a new franchise record of straight losses. And, for a team of the popularity of the New York Knicks, this is painful to watch. Last night fans showed up to the game wearing paper bags on their heads. But that is not the worst part, judging from what was seen last night and with their current situation, things will get worse before they turn good.

Their recent participation on the trade that sent controversial star J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert to King James’ Cleveland Cavaliers squad stripped the team of two players that were assets in previous seasons. But both players were not producing NBA Betting knick fans would expect.

To add insult to injury, literally, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony (their two remaining top players), are both injured and won’t be coming back until later this month. Also, another thing that is worth noting is the fracture between the fans and head coach Derek Fisher.

A couple of weeks back fans were already chanting for him to be fired, and last night with all the injuries and departures, he was forced to form a starting lineup of youngsters who are still very “green” to the league.

NBA betting pundits are advising bettors to stay clear of the Knicks as they don’t seem to be getting any better any time this season. Mainly, is because of Phil Jackson’s “Destroy to Rebuild” mission for this Knicks team. He plans to renew the roster and build a team aiming for the next coming seasons.

The recent trade freed a lot of cap space for the Knicks, in hopes to try to get one or two premium free agents during the next off-season. But until that happens, this 2014-2015 tortous season will be a long painful road for New york fans.

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