Heat Online Betting Favorites for Crucial Game 6

October 30th, 2019 NBA Basketball

It is do or die time for the Miami Heat as they enter Game 6 win winning as their only option. For this crucial game they are online betting favorites, but with how this series have been so far, that is not any type of assurance. They have put Toronto to the test, but the Raptors have fought back. DeRozan and Lowry linked up and pushed Miami to the edge. Now facing elimination, at American Airlines Arena, there is zero room for error.

Ever since it was posted the online betting line at SBG Global Sportsbook has favored Miami and currently it reads as follow:

Raptors +4 (-110)
Heat -4 (-110)

This series have been a real battle for both teams as they have been tested on both sides of the court. After taking the coveted home court advantage from the Raptors at game 1, Toronto came back and drew blood in the second (literally!) Then, cue “Going to distance”, as both teams decided to trade wins, with three of those games going to Overtime. Then, last Wednesday, the Raptors made put the Heat against the wall with a 99-91.

It should be noted that these series have been evenly matched all the way through making this series very tough to predict. However having this game played at Miami, it gives the Heat a certain edge enough to make them the online betting favorites. Also, this series has the feeling that it deserves a 7th game to close it in proper dramatic fashion. This notion appears to appeal bettors as they have been picking the Heat over the Raptors for this game, despite their loss on Wednesday.

Another valuable asset that the Heat has in their favor is #3, Dwyane Wade. His experience and leadership skills are what keep the Heat’s hopes alive. Even though he has not been on fire the entire playoffs, Wade has shown glimpses of brilliance that have pushed this team through. Also, in such close games as this series have had, all you need is a couple of good possessions in critical moments of the game to make a difference.

The final piece to the puzzle for Miami is that Wade’s supporting cast steps their game up. Goran Dragic was money on game 7 for the Heat against the Hornets in the previous series and has not been as prominent as his team needs him to be.  Luol Deng will be at game 6, after being cleared of a possible injury

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