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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA odds are always interesting to handicap. Just because you can handicap NBA basketball odds doesn’t mean you can win money against them.

Let’s look at what handicapping NBA odds means and some of the different things that go into NBA handicapping.

NBA odds handicapping is the practice by a gambler in which he analyzes statistics, trends, matchups, media reports, power ratings, and many other related pieces of data and information with the idea of this research leading him to the right conclusion as far as NBA basketball odds is concerned. And the problem with handicapping in relation to NBA odds is that it doesn’t work for the vast majority of participants.

There are many types of handicappers who wager against NBA odds and many different ways to handicap in preparation for NBA basketball odds. But there is one common thread that puts it all together in the end; handicapping is done with data that is readily accessible and available to not only the masses, but also to the NBA odds makers.

Let’s look at handicapping and as we do, the one common refrain that we must emphasize is that the NBA odds makers are fully trained experts on “handicappers” and how they will wager. Therefore, the NBA betting odds are set up in anticipation of how “handicappers” will bet. Always keep in mind that the oddsmakers also handicap the games. And they begin their handicapping before you begin yours because they set the odds.

Another type of handicapper who looks at NBA odds is the trend handicapper. They can recite the most obscure as well as better known trends but yet they basically tread water, if that, with their selections versus the NBA odds. The big problem with trend handicapping is that it is entirely based on the past. It’s a reactive way of handicapping and is focused on the rear view mirror. Trend handicappers would argue that the past is a guide to the future, perhaps in some way. There is no question that trends are helpful though, just not the end all in NBA odds handicapping.

There are different ways to handicap and no way is totally perfect. Trends and stats are definitely important but so are other factors like line value, revenge and intangibles. Handicapping is predicting what will happen versus the NBA odds and we know that is not always an easy thing to do.

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