Golden State vs. Houston Sportsbook Betting Online Recap

Golden State vs. Houston Sportsbook Betting Online Recap

January 5th, 2018 NBA Basketball, Sportsbook

If you like sportsbook betting online on NBA then you must be aware of how the Golden State Warriors once again have claimed their defending champions’ status by beating the Houston Rockets at home 114-124. They are indeed the best team in the NBA right now and if you are looking for the best online sports book to bet on NBA, check out our odds!

Draymond Green on Fire

Draymond Green made the win possible by achieving a triple double of 17 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists and last but not least 2 recoveries and one blockshot. Green is now at the height of Wilt Chamberlain and Magic Johnson after this triple double. Golden State are registering a sportsbook betting online balance of 21 victories and no losses.

Stephen Curry with 29 points, including 4 triples, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, was in charge of leading the attack of the Warriors. They broke the score in their favor in the fourth period and achieved the third consecutive win. The star base of the Warriors played his 600th game with the Golden State team and became the 10th player in franchise history to get it. For his part, Klay Thompson reached 28 points after scoring 6 of 9 triple attempts and became in the second highest scorer of the Warriors (31-8), which consolidate the best record of the Western Conference and the league.

Kevin Durant’s Absence was not Felt

Although sportsbook betting online fans where worried that Kevin Durant was not playing,  the Warriors showed the great squad they own and got the ninth consecutive victory outside their field.  In addition to establishing the best mark as a visiting team having already 16 wins in the game. The veteran guard Andre Iguodala took over as Durant’s starter, and got 10 points, 8 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 turnovers.

“As a team we executed very well in the moments. We also made an excellent defense, ” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said at the end of the game. “I entered the locker room and congratulated all the players, but especially Kevon Looney for the great demonstration of professionalism he gave.”

 Kevon Looney’s Made it Big

Looney, a second-year player, who has not had many opportunities to play, shined in the 15 minutes he was on the field.  He contributed seven points (3-4, 0-0, 1-2) and also captured 8 rebounds, including 5 defensive players, who left it as a surprise factor winner. Curry and Thompson also praised the great work that Looney did in the few minutes he was on the field, with which he gave the opportunity to get an important victory.

Rockets Shot Down

The Rockets, who also had the loss of their star point guard James Harden, thought they could hold the Warriors and even reach the nine goal advantage.  In the final stretch however,  their defense was not the best and could not stop the scoring machine the current league champions turned into.

Both teams stayed close to the scoreboard until, with three and a half minutes remaining in the fourth period, with seven points of advantage for the Warriors, the Golden State team scored the next five points. Iincluding a three-pointer by Curry for the quarter-final. 109-120, sentencing the win, while the followers of the Rockets left the stands of the Toyota Center.

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