Game 4 Rockets vs. Mavericks Preview

January 9th, 2020 NBA Basketball

With the 2015 NBA Playoffs and the Western Conference at Round 1 with Game 4 with No. 2 seed Rockets of Houston 3-0 playing the No. 7 seed Mavericks of Dallas at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on Sunday the 26th of April 2015 with tip off at 9 PM ET and seen on TNT TV.

The opening betting lines for this Game 4 has the Rockets again favored at -3 ½ with the total at 220 and -160 on the Money Line, while the comeback on the Mavericks is +3 ½ and +140 on the Money Line.

Prior to this Game 4 the Rockets beat the Mavericks on Saturday the 18th of April by 10 points with the final score Houston 118 and Dallas 108. In the 2nd Game again the Rockets beat the Mavericks, this time by 12 points with the final score Houston 111 and Dallas 99. Then the 3rd Game was also won by the Rockets but this time by a mere 2 points with the final score Houston 130 and Dallas 128. Thus the Rockets are in position to bring out the broom and sweep the Mavericks out of the playoffs in the Western Conference.

The Rockers are on a hot streak like they had a season high 42 points for the 1st quarter of Game 3, and have found a groove that the Mavericks have been unable to handle. Presently the Rockets have so many things going for them on offensive, it’s hard to imagine how the Maverick coach Carlisle can salvage his team by winning this game 4 and keep the Rockets from gaining a 4 game sweep. Offensively they are playing great, but on defense they need make some changes to stop the Mavericks if they want a sweep!

To date this 2014-15 NBA Playoffs and the Regular season appear to be a disappointing trip for the Mavericks who began the season in what appeared to be a very promising winning season. Presently the Mavericks are struggling defensively, to find a way to slow down the Rockets on offense. Before the season most media experts presumed Dallas would have a tough series without repeat performances by their star D. Nowitzki, but even his great game in their 3rd game was not enough to bring the Mavericks to a win. The Dallas defense has been torn apart by the 2 man combo of Howard and Smith, and the statistics to date are unreal as, they have actually played better when Nowitzki in not in the game, especially on ball per possession.

The fact that their C. Parson is out for the rest of the year, leaves their roster short of talent. Their returning guard R. Felton who play only 13 minutes, after not starting since back in May 2013 due to injury, and early in this game he again pulled his hamstring. Maybe it was just as well as he only shot 3 time and made no scores but did 1 assist and 4 rebounds in the game. But the main problem for Dallas is their defense has and more than likely will not be able to stop the Rockets Harden who in the last game had his career high 42 points scored in that game, and if they try to contain him they open up their lines for Smith and Howard.

The media experts claim the Rockets will break out the brooms in this game 4 and sweep the Mavericks to win this series 4-0!

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