Free Agency Begins Draft Alters NBA Betting Online Perceptions

Free Agency Begins: Draft Alters NBA Betting Online Perceptions

June 24th, 2019 NBA Basketball, Sports Betting

A clear difference can be seen by fans of many NBA teams after last week’s draft.  At the top of the NBA betting online futures board remains the Los Angeles Lakers.  Milwaukee’s Bucks are getting a lot of love from gamblers as well. Yet the draft has changed the perception of many teams.  Gamblers are certainly much more interested in the New Orleans Pelicans.  New Orleans took Zion Williamson as the first overall pick.  Williamson is expected to transform this moribund franchise into an instant contender.  Along the same lines NBA free agency will spark a long hot summer.

2019-20 NBA Futures

Date and Time:  Season Opens October 2019

NBA Betting Online Odds at SBG:  Los Angles Lakers 7/2, Milwaukee Bucks 7/1, Houston Rockets 9/1, Golden State Warriors 10/1, Toronto Raptors 10/1, Los Angeles Clippers 10/1, Philadelphia 76ers 12/1, Boston Celtics 14/1, Brooklyn Nets 20/1

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Kawhi’s Dilemma as the Ultimate Domino

Certainly, Kawhi Leonard will go down as the greatest basketball hero in Canadian history.  Leonard led the Toronto Raptors to their first ever NBA championship.  And he is considered to be the best player in the sport.  Leonard now has the biggest decision to make of his career.  First, he can remain a Raptor and iconic legend in Toronto.  Second, he can name his price as a new marquee man on another team.  Leonard’s decision will have massive NBA betting online implications.  Wherever he goes that team will soar to the top of the futures board.

Lakers Seek Supporting Cast

By reason of Anthony Davis arriving at Los Angeles are the Lakers the NBA sports betting favorite.  Davis and LeBron James make for a potentially dynamic duo.  However, LA has a lot of roster slots to fill for the upcoming season.  More rational gamblers are not yet ready to proclaim the Lakers as champions.  Sharps still believe that Golden State’s roster is deeper.  And when healthy the Warriors top stars eclipse the Lakers. Correspondingly its legitimate to question if James can play an entire season.

Knicks Follies

Cause by their six consecutive losing seasons are the New York Knicks under pressure.  As a consequence of their 17-65 record New York is the embarrassment of the entire league.  New York was hoping to trade for Zion Williamson or Anthony Davis.  After that flopped there was still the dream of singing Kevin Durant.  Durant may miss the entire 2019-20 season due to a ruptured Achilles.  Accordingly, the Knicks are facing the prospect of repeating as the NBA’s worst team.  Chairman James Dolan has done the impossible.  He has ruined a franchise located in a basketball mad city.

Clippers Shadowed Again

Los Angeles Clippers fans dream of Kawhi Leonard arriving to headline their franchise.  While the Clippers have solid roster depth, they lack a marquee man.  Leonard can change that and make LA an instant contender.  Further, he can keep the Clippers in the news with the Lakers.

Matchup to Watch

Specifically, the Boston Celtics face the prospect of a do or die summer.  Kyrie Irving proved to not be the answer and is likely to depart.  Instead Boston may return to a more team-oriented approach that got them to the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals.  Overall Boston was the most disappointing NBA betting online pick in 2019.

NBA Betting Online Picks

In Kawhi Leonard is the main man this summer.  The NBA dominos will fall based on his decision.

NBA Betting Online Pick:  Kawhi Leonard to sign with the Clippers

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