First Half NBA Finals Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals odds are available on the first half of the NBA Finals.

These bets are just like a full game bet in NBA finals betting odds except that the wager is only for the first half. How can you win money betting first half NBA finals odds?

NBA finals odds on halftime bets are usually just half of the full game NBA finals betting odds. You will see a few adjustments to that number but not many. The total is usually a little bit lower and the favorite a little bit higher in halftime NBA finals odds. This is because the second halves are usually higher scoring and the favorite sometimes will let up late in the game. Many people forget all about first half NBA finals odds and that is too bad. There are definitely opportunities to win money with first half NBA finals odds.

The first place to begin your handicapping with first half NBA finals betting odds is with boxscores. Just look at how a team does in the first half of their games. Some teams continually struggle in the first half while others do not. If you see a team that continually starts out hot and cools off as the game progresses then you want to take that team in first half NBA Finals odds. Conversely, other teams will struggle in the first half but make the proper adjustments and have great second halves. These are teams you want to go against in first half NBA finals odds.

You will find instances where you can make some good money in first half NBA finals odds. You may find a favorite that is not a good first half team so you can bet against them in halftime NBA finals betting odds. There will be other instances where you have an underdog that starts well but finishes poorly in games. This is a great spot to bet only the first half NBA finals odds on the underdog. By looking at the season stats for first halves you can find out which team is a good bet and which team is a poor bet in first half NBA finals odds.

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