Charlotte Bobcats NBA Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting aficionados usually have a number of certain teams in mind when they think “basketball betting”.

Those teams can include the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, L.A. Lakers, and some other big name teams. Why? Because these teams make an impact. They make the playoffs. They win championships. Needless to say, a team founded only 4 years ago has had little chance to actually reach the NBA betting Championship. They’re just getting off their feet.

NBA betting on the Charlotte Bobcats can provide you with the opportunity to see some talented players do their thing. Tyson Chandler can be one of the best additions to the Charlotte Bobcats this year, and a skilled center like him can definitely bring quite a bit to the NBA betting table. Another player to keep your eye on is Gerald Wallace. Though he’s putting up only about 17 points per game, as long as the rest of the team puts up at least 10 per game the Charlotte offense should have very little to worry about.

Not much is expected of this team, as NBA betting experts foresee them finishing 5th in the Southeast Division. That’s not to say the Bobcats aren’t a great basketball betting team. They’re no NBA betting Championship contender quite yet, but they just happen to be in a very loaded division, alongside the Hawks, Magic, and the Heat.

The Bobcats have a nice balance of fresh, energetic, young players, and veteran players. Everyone does their part, and there seems to be equilibrium of NBA betting talent among all the players. That fact could also contribute to their NBA betting downfall. Charlotte doesn’t have that single star player that is good enough to turn the NBA betting tides of the game when they’re down; that player that will make the necessary moves and if need be put on a one man basketball betting show to get the last couple of points for the win.

SBG Global NBA betting futures odds have the Charlotte Bobcats at +20000 to win the NBA title. Quite the longshot, they’ve got a long way to go before they join the ranks of the Celtics, Cavs, and Lakers. But for now, they should provide a bit of entertainment for the NBA betting masses. They don’t look like playoff contenders, so try not to get your basketball betting hopes too high.

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