Brooklyn Nets beat Warriors in 110-108

March 7, 2015 NBA Basketball

basketball sitting on floorMoving on in March, this past Monday we saw the NBA regular season game 2 of a 2 game series between the Golden State Warriors 46-12 (1st Pacific Division) playing at the Brooklyn Nets 25-33 (2nd Atlantic Division) with the game played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York and kick-off time was at 7:30 PM ET.

The scoring in this game between the Nets and the Warriors was another flip-flop example of scoring as the Nets started out fast and outscored the Warriors in the 1st quarter of the game 33-23, then in the 2nd quarter the Warriors outscored the Nets 28-24 and the game went to half-time with Warriors of Golden State 51 and the Nets 57, thus the Warriors ended the 1st half with a 6 point deficit. In the 2nd half of the game and the 3rd quarter the teams tied in the scoring as Golden State scored 29 and Brooklyn scored 29 so the third quarter ended and the Warriors still had a 6 point deficit. In the 4th and final quarter of the game the Warriors outscored the Nets 28-24 but that was just too little, too late as the Brooklyn Nets won the game by 2 points 110 to the Golden State Warriors 108.

The top 5 performers for the Warriors of Golden State in this game were guard-Curry-26 points 8 rebounds, center-Bogut-16 points 4 rebounds 8 assists, center-Ezeli-14 points 8 rebounds off the bench, guard-Iguodala-12 points 4 rebound 3 assists off the bench and guard-Livingston-11 points 3 rebounds and 4 assists in the game off the bench.

For the Nets of Brooklyn the top 5 performances for their team was from center-Lopez-26 points 6 rebounds off the bench, guard-Williams-22 points 4 rebounds 4 assists, guard-Anderson-16 points 3 rebounds, forward-Young-14 points 4 rebound 4 assists off the bench and guard-Jack-9 points 1 rebound and 5 assists off the bench.

In the team statistics for points scored in the game, starting with the Warriors of Golden State who scored a total of 108 points as they attempted 90 field goals making 42 for 46% completion, on 3-pointers they made 11 of 30 for 36% completion, and on foul shots made 13 of 18 for 72% completion rate. The Nets of Brooklyn scored the winning 110 points as the attempted 89 field goals making 44 for 49% completion, on 3-pointers they made 10 of 21 for 47% completion and on foul shots they made 12 of 16 for 75% completion rate.

The Statistics for other than points had the Warriors with 50 rebounds (17 offensives and 33 defensive), 26 assists, 7 blocks, 11 steals, 15 turnovers and committed 20 fouls. The Nets had 38 rebounds (11 offensives and 27 defensive), 20 assists, 1 block, 7 steals, 13 turnovers and they committed some 12 fouls in the game. None of the fouls for either team were Technical of Flagrant.

The Nets made a jumper that broke the tie score in the game with just over 1 second left in the game, as the overcame the Warriors shooting of Curry who had brought his team from a 10 point deficit to a tied score with less than four minutes to goal, but after the jumper by the Nets guard Jack, the Warriors were unable to get a shot after that stunning shot.

This loss for the Warriors comes after their last game with Boston when they overcame a 26 point deficit to win the game. Meanwhile the Nets have a new weapon and go to player in the remaining seconds of their tied games.

If you Bet on NBA basketball at an Offshore sportsbook and are a Warriors of Nets fan you may be interested in knowing that Nets are now on a five game home schedule on Wednesday play the Hornets of Charlotte, while on Wednesday the Warriors are at home against the Bucks of Milwaukee.

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