Betting Quarter NBA Finals Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Many sportsbooks will put up quarter NBA finals odds.

That means you can bet on which team you like in the first, second, third or fourth quarter as you look at NBA finals odds. What should you look for as you bet quarters in NBA finals betting odds?

NBA finals odds in terms of quarters are easy to understand. It is just a normal betting line except that it is only for one quarter of the game. There are NBA finals odds and totals on each quarter. Keep in mind though that the NBA finals odds on quarters are not always available before the game. Sometimes the sportsbooks will put up a first and second quarter line in NBA finals betting odds but the third and fourth quarter lines will be available at the half. Let’s look at some handicapping tips for betting quarters in NBA Finals odds.

You can do research and see which teams play better in which quarters. There is no doubt that certain teams come out strong while others take a while to get going. This can be a great way to bet quarters in NBA finals odds. You can find a team that starts strong against a slow starting team and bet them only in that quarter versus NBA finals betting odds.

Your next option is to look at how the game is going and then bet the third and fourth quarters in NBA finals betting odds. If you see a trend developing in the game you can then bet the third and fourth quarters in NBA finals odds and take advantage of it. Another choice you have is to hedge your original bet. Let’s say you took a team for the full game and they have the lead at the half. You could play it safe and lock in a profit and take the other team for the second half or for the third or fourth quarter.

The bottom line in quarter wagering versus NBA finals odds is that you have more options. The more choices you have in NBA finals odds wagering the more chances you have to win money.

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