NBA playoff odds can be bet in a variety of ways

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoff odds can be bet in a variety of ways. Every year NBA betting fans look for all the multiple opportunities to make their bets at their favorite sportsbooks.

One way to approach NBA playoff betting is to first look at teams that have experience. While some of these teams may be public teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, others can be profitable wagers versus the NBA playoff odds.

NBA playoff odds can also be approached from the opposite point of view which means going against teams that don’t have experience or have losing experience. Another option to consider in NBA playoffs odds is the zig-zag theory. What is that you ask? It is when you take the team that lost the previous game and bet them for the current game. For example, let’s say the Lakers and Spurs are matching up in NBA playoff odds and the Spurs win the first game. The zig-zag theory would have you taking the Lakers in the next game versus NBA playoff odds. The zig-zag theory will have plays in every game after the first game of the NBA playoff betting series. The basis of this theory has a team coming off a loss playing harder and bouncing back in the next game versus NBA playoff odds. It worked very well for many years but the NBA playoff odds makers eventually caught on, as they usually do, and the theory lost a little steam.

Another option to consider in NBA playoff betting is making a wager on the winner of the series before it begins. For example, let’s say Boston is playing Detroit and you like the Pistons. You can bet on Detroit before the series begins to win the 7 game series versus NBA playoff odds. This gives you action throughout the series for just a single bet. It also gives you the option to hedge your bet throughout the series as you consider situations that may have Detroit leading the series.

You can definitely make money versus NBA playoff odds. You can try out the zig-zag theory if you like, you can stick with solid teams or you can oppose weak teams. You may also want to bet NBA playoff odds before the series starts. All of these are great options to consider for NBA playoff betting.

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