Betting in NBA games future odds for Conference Finals

January 5th, 2018 NBA Basketball

As the name suggests, future odds are those related to games that will happen in the future. If you are looking for some betting in NBA games, you might want to take a look at the future odds at SBG Global. Future bets in NBA betting online, just like in any sport that offers futures may include games for events that will happen in months ahead. Betting on who will make it to the playoffs, or who will win a respective conference and even the championship are some of the usual future odds you will find in any online sportsbook.  Other options are betting on how well a team will perform and more.

As we advance in the NBA season, and although the playoffs are set to start on April 14th, we can already begin to look into some future odds according to the stats and performances the teams have displayed so far.

Let’s begin by looking into the Conference Finals:


12101    Atlanta Hawks   –              –              +65000

12102    Boston Celtics    –              –              +350

12103    Brooklyn Nets   –              –              +65000

12104    Charlotte Hornets            –              +35000

12105    Chicago Bulls      –              –              +65000

12106    Cleveland Cavaliers         –              -200

12107    Detroit Pistons  –              –              +5000

12108    Indiana Pacers   –              –              +5000

12109    Miami Heat         –              –              +7500

12110    Milwaukee Bucks             –              +2000

12111    New York Knicks               –              +12500

12112    Orlando Magic   –              –              +50000

12113    Philadelphia 76ers           –              +3000

12114    Toronto Raptors               –              +1000

12115    Washington Wizards       –              +1200


12117    Dallas Mavericks               –              +65000

12118    Denver Nuggets               –              +10000

12119    Golden State Warriors   –              -300

12120    Houston Rockets              –              +350

12121    Los Angeles Clippers       –              +50000

12122    Los Angeles Lakers          –              +50000

12123    Memphis Grizzlies           –              +50000

12124    Minnesota Timberwolves            +5000

12125    New Orleans Pelicans    –              +10000

12126    Oklahoma City Thunder –              +800

12127    Phoenix Suns     –              –              +65000

12128    Portland Trailblazers       –              +10000

12129    Sacramento Kings            –              +65000

12130    San Antonio Spurs           –              +1000

12131    Utah Jazz             –              –              +50000

As we see in the odds, the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are favorite to win their respective conference.  Their performance, their elite players, and their previous season results have them in that position.  Betting on NBA games on these two teams in future odds is easy as their record can give you the knowledge you need to place the bet. NBA betting on future odds allows bettors to look at the big picture and have better prediction abilities.

Super Team or Buzz Killer?

Defending champions Golden State Warriors provoke mixed feelings in NBA betting fans. Since putting together their super team of players, they have taken over the odds as favorites not only to win their conference but also to win the championship.

To many, this has taken the thrill out of betting on NBA on their favorite teams. To others, it has become an easy way on making money as confidence on the future odds allow bettors to make an educated bet knowing the Warriors will win again.

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