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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Bet NBA Playoffs games this season at the sportsbook and enjoy the most exciting time of the NBA season.

There is nothing better than watching and wagering on your favorite NBA teams and that is what you can do with NBA Playoffs betting each year.

Bet NBA Playoffs games and watch the games on TV. During the NBA Playoffs you can watch and wager on all of the action. You can go for a future bet or you can choose any number of other options. The most popular wager to bet NBA Playoffs action is the side bet on a game. This is where you pick one team or the other. Some gamblers who bet NBA Playoffs action also like to bet the total. What should not be forgotten is that you can also bet NBA Playoffs money lines. These can be valuable in the playoffs because upsets can happen.

Another popular way to bet NBA Playoffs action is with parlays. Putting together multiple team parlays is a great way to add excitement to NBA Playoffs betting. You can sometimes even parlay games on different days when you bet NBA action. Usually you will see lines for the current day and the next day at the same time. This gives you the ability to gamble parlays and include multiple games over multiple days.

Another option to consider as you bet NBA Playoffs games is the teaser. This is where you get additional points to your wager similar to a parlay but with reduced odds because of the added points. Teasers don’t get quite as much attention as parlays because gamblers just don’t believe the extra four or five points are worth the reduced odds. The gamblers would rather just play the parlay and roll the dice.

When the playoffs get down to the Finals you will also see additional options on the betting board. You can bet NBA Playoffs propositions where you are betting on one player against another in terms of points, rebounds, assists, etc. You may also see props on total number of points scored, rebounds, etc. Propositions are just another option to consider as you look at NBA Playoffs betting odds this season.

From sides and totals to money lines, parlays, teasers and props, there are a lot of great ways to get involved in NBA Playoffs betting.

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