Bet on NBA: 2014 NBA All-Star Game!

February 18, 2014 NBA Basketball

The 2014 NBA All-Star game will take place this coming Sunday the 16th of February with the East versus the West all-star showdown that will have a tip off time at 8pm ET.  The game will be played at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans with TNT providing the Television coverage.  

This 63rd Annual NBA All-Star game will feature some of the world’s best basketball players, who will display excellent skills and athleticism, whether it be veterans or newcomers to the All-Star game.
This year the headline stars are Miami’s LeBron James and OKC Kevin Duran and both teamed with many league superstars,  and those who made the team for the first time in this mid-season spectacle.  So let’s take a look at what the NBA fans can expect from this Sunday, February 16th game in New Orleans. 
While the seasoned All-Stars such as Durant, Wade, James, Anthony and Bryant are now mainstays of this event, this year there are a lot of new fresh talented players whom are anxious to play in this 2014 All-Star game.  I should mention that Kobe Bryant will not be playing due to an injury.  You might want to keep your eyes on the following All-Star players! 

The Western Conference voted Stephen Curry as a starter in the game and he is the sharpshooter from the Golden State Warriors.  He now will be able to display his incredible offensive ability from the beginning tip off of the game until he is substituted. From the Eastern Conference the point guard of Cleveland Kyrie Irving will sample what it feels like to be a starter for the All-Star team,  and he will be the East’s backcourt anchor. 

Also a starting for the East is Paul George who this year has done it all for the Pacers as he makes his 1st start as an All-Star. This season George has Indiana in position to finish their regular season with the best record in the league.  He will also participate in the Saturday Slam Dunk Contest.  
Then the 3rd time All-Star Kevin Love, the forward of the Minnesota Timberwolves will be making his debut as a starter.  Love and Jordan of the Clippers are leading the NBA with the highest number of rebounds per game in the league. 
This year Curry will be the only 1st year selection All-Star to start the game;  there will be five reserves 1st time selection All-Stars who will be anxiously waiting to enter the game from the bench in New Orleans. The newcomers from the Eastern Conference are Paul Millsap, John Wall and Demar DeRozan.  If they enter the game Wall & Rozan will thrill the spectators with their shooting abilities.  Wall, will also participate in the Saturday Slam Dunk Contest.  In the Western Conference the newcomers are Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis, both of whom can excite the fans, and Lillard will participate in all five events of the All-Star Weekend.    Davis is unique as he joins the players who have been selected as a 1st time starter before the 21st birthday.  He will be replacing the injured Kobe Bryant, and he has many game changing abilities that the fans should enjoy watching in this star filled All-Star event. 

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