Basketball Playoffs Betting at the Sportsbook

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

The place to make your wagers in basketball playoffs betting is at the online sportsbook.

Pro basketball gamblers who love NBA betting get the best options at an online sportsbook. 

Basketball playoffs betting really gets exciting during the month of May as teams are fighting to stay alive.  Gamblers who are looking for the best lines on these games are oftentimes choosing online sportsbook. The sportsbook offer a variety of action and at a better price than a traditional Las Vegas sportsbook or a street bookie would offer. When looking at betting the NBA playoffs at the sportsbook it is important to remember that the same rules that would apply when betting at a Vegas sportsbook or with a bookie still apply. For example, even if you are betting the very popular Cleveland Cavaliers at the sportsbook you need to remember that the Cavaliers are heavily followed by the public and that means they can sometimes be a poor value in the playoffs. The same thing happens with other marquee teams like the Lakers and Celtics.  The second round is not quite as bad in terms of marquee teams being overvalued since the matchups are more competitive.  Normally the top seeds are still alive while the 7 and 8 seeds are gone and that means great matchups in the second round.

In the NBA playoffs, many gamblers will still take the home teams more often than not.  That is simply the way gamblers think with NBA betting.  The public takes the home team and the favorite.  Most of the time in the playoffs the home team is favored.  That does make the road team worth taking at times in basketball playoffs betting. 

Just as with a Vegas sportsbook or a bookie, you should remember that the marquee teams and the home teams always get more attention from the gambling public at the online sportsbook.  Value is with the road team and against the Lakers and Cavaliers. That does not mean Los Angeles and Cleveland can’t cover the spread.  What it means is that you are charged a premium price for taking them.

The online sportsbook gives you so many great options including series price, halftimes, futures, props, etc and that makes the NBA playoffs even more exciting.  The ability to bet the games without leaving your home makes it very easy to watch and bet the NBA playoffs.

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