Basketball NBA Wagering Marathon at SBG Global

January 19th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball NBA wagering can truly be a marathon. The season begins in late October or early November and doesn’t end until the NBA Championship in June. That is nearly 8 months of action.  That is a very long time to be betting any sport.

Basketball NBA betting will see teams go through personnel changes, some will have coaching changes, and all will have injuries and problems.  In an 82-game schedule there are a lot of things that can change and these changes affect basketball wagering.  In the NBA, even the best teams will suffer through slumps and most of the worst teams will play well at one time or another. The key for a gambler in basketball NBA wagering is to ride with consistency. One way that some of the professional basketball betting gamblers deal with the long grind of a basketball NBA wagering season is to focus on only one thing.  If you look at the basketball NBA wagering odds you probably only want to bet on sides or totals, not both.  It is difficult enough to keep up with one thing, let alone more than one.   Many professional basketball NBA betting players have decided to concentrate only on totals.  Basketball wagering bettors believe they have better numbers than the oddsmakers and they attack these weak basketball NBA betting numbers every single season.  History has shown that oddsmakers do a poor job of making NBA totals.  Some of the more astute basketball NBA wagering bettors have taken advantage of these numbers for years.

One factor that many basketball NBA betting bettors overreact to is the injury factor.  When a star player is injured in the NBA, it often causes violent line movement at sportsbooks around the world.  Injuries to star players move the basketball wagering line a great deal and often have the effect of actually creating value on the other side because of the overreaction in the betting line.

Another factor in basketball NBA wagering is the travel factor.  NBA teams are known to play back to back nights and even three times in four nights.  That can be a big problem and one in which bettors need to be aware of.  The NBA season is a marathon and you will get many opportunities to take advantage of the travel factor.  During the long season there will be many chances for profit if you are patient enough to wait for those situations to arise as you consider basketball NBA betting .


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